Unfortunately and very unexpectedly, I lost my dear sweet Mother (Francis Marie Thomas) to Pancreatic Cancer on June 18, 2012. No person knew me like my Mother did as we would spend majority of our time either together or on the phone. One of the last conversations we shared was Mother telling me to follow my heart, wait on God, and go help all the little Shereka’s in the world with so many big dreams. She told me I had exactly what is needed to step out on faith and do all the things I had been talking to her about doing for years to start my own club again and run things fair and decently. This has become an inner push for me now and those words will never be forgotten. I learned my Mother had cancer on June 5 and on June 18 she was gone. I have decided to name the club after my Mother. We will be known as the FMTVA CHIEFS. Let me take a moment to enlighten you on why Chiefs was chosen. Mother was like the chief of the household. Although we knew our father was the head of the house Mother was the chief who always kept things running smoothly. The other reason is because I earned the nickname BIG CHIEF in high school because I was able to be the leader on the court and many said the team was my Indians. Thus, the name FMTVA CHIEFS seems appropriate. I am committed to not only starting my own volleyball club again, but to incorporate some fundraisers or possible cancer walks completed by my club so that in some form or fashion money will be donated to the research of pancreatic cancer every year. This is the road that I am now traveling and with Gods direction, his grace and mercy, I trust he will lead me every step of the way.